Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Road Trip: Las Vegas

I was going to write about my second project and had typed up this big essay but the computer at the library has been infected with a virus and Blogger didn't automatically save it, so instead of typing it all up again I'm going straight to the Vegas. The second project was basically the same work as the first one apart from what I like to call brutal Sunday where we planted over 1200 cactus and had injuries with hospital visits. You can view the photos from the second project here .

So, Vegas. First of all we rented a Toyota Four-runner which turned out to be a best of a car, it seated seven and it was like driving a tank. I thought I would struggle with the drive but it turned out to be easier than I thought. The roads are so big and there's no one around in this parts of the states that it was probably the nicest four hour drive I have ever made. Plus I got to drive over the Hoover Dam and on the strip in the same day!

We checked into our hotel around 2.30pm, the world famous Hooters Casino and Hotel resort, yeah baby! You know it's classy when they have an ex porn star signing autogrpahs in the afternoon. We sorted all of our stuff out and went to meet Karl who had injured his back on project and instead of going back to Flagstaff, had returned to Vegas to stay with his uncle. He was our guide and showed us around some of the casinos at the top of the strip. On the first day we pretty much covered the MGM Grand, New York:New York, The Excalibur, The Luxor and Mandalay bay.

After a quick shower we decided to check out the buffet at the Bellagio. I had heard about this before and it also had an amazing write up in Lonely Planet and I can confirm it is all true. Okay it was $40 a head but the food and the atmosphere were world class. On one plate I had Ostrich and Kobe beef! The Sushi was also amazing and the cheesecake might actually have come from heaven. Unfortunately, this sort of standard attracts a certain type of clientele and the bellagio is for the high rollers, there are no $2 tables here! As such, we moved on to gamble at the City Centre Casino and Hotel.

After a late night I started the next day with a trip to an indoor gun range where I had a go on a Glock pistol and shot an Osama Bin Laden target in the head. This may sound strange but the gun was louder than I expected and the aim is never true, you have to aim slightly higher than where you actually want to hit. I spent the rest of the day wandering around the strip and having a few small bets here and there. We then went for another buffet at the Tropicana and it was slightly cheaper than the Bellagio and as such the quality was slightly lower. The girls then went to a male strip show and me and the boys set about the Hooters Casino where I managed to win back most of my losses for the first day.

I am having to rush this and will edit it next week when I get back but basically Vegas was amazing, the Stratosphere at night was breathtaking and you can see all of the pictures here.