Monday, 18 January 2010


The day started pretty well and then deteriorated just like the weather, with my flight being delayed five hours. It was around midnight that we finally got to Phoenix and I got checked into my hotel. It was okay for a one nighter and was really close to the airport. We weren't getting picked up until 6pm on the Saturday and so I chilled out until 12.30 and then headed to the airport. I didn't bother with Phoenix and have since found out that I didn't miss much as there is not really alot there.

There was the pick-up at the airport where I got to meet most of the incoming volunteers and we then headed for Flagstaff which took around three and a half hours. We were assigned our apartments and once there literally went straight to bed. It was strange waking up Sunday in a room with three other people I didn't know and at the bottom of a bunk bed! We had an induction about the house rules and how things work and were told that we had a free day as our main induction would not be until Monday afternoon. The rest of the day was spent exploring and meeting my other housemates. It had been snowing heavily in Flagstaff and it was strange walking through although technically being in a desert environment. There are more photos here.